Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL) Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL) Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL) Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL)
Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL) Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL) Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL) Streamlight Porteble Scene Light (PSL)
Streamlight Portable Scene Light (PSL)
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Professioneel oplaadbare oppervlakte verlichter.




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De Streamlight Portable Scene Light is ontwikkeld om zeer snel een uiterst krachtig lichtsysteem op te zetten op een telescooparm met een hoogte van 1.80 meter. De lamp heeft een telescopische arm en is gemaakt voor het uitlichten van grote oppervlakte. In de laagste stand kent de Portable Scene Light een brandduur van 18 uur.

  • Six C4® LED and wide reflectors produce a uniform flood pattern
  • Three user-selectable outputs:
    • High for a super-bright flood beam: 5,300 lumens; 410m beam; runs 4 hours
    • Medium for an intense beam and longer run time: 2,500 lumens; 292m beam; runs 9 hours
    • Low for when a less intense beam is ideal and for longer run time: 1,300 lumens; 215m beam; runs 18 hours
  • Selectable diffuser settings for two beam widths
  • Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting; 90° swivel neck allows you to aim the beam where you need it for task lighting
  • Sealed lead acid batteries, rechargeable up to 500 times
  • Batteries will continue charge while operating directly from an AC or DC power source so you can be confident that you will always have a light when you need it
  • Indefinite run time on AC or DC external power with the supplied power cords
  • Integral D-rings allow attachment of the included shoulder strap
  • Design allows for the light to be used in confined spaces and rugged terrain
  • Balanced design and easy setup:
    • Less than 30 seconds for full deployment
    • Pole extends to 72” (183cm)
    • Cord built into the pole to avoid snags
    • Stabilization legs provide balance on uneven surfaces
    • Lead acid batteries provide ballast and stability
  • 25 lbs (11.3 kg) provides weight stabilization, but is light enough to carry
  • Packs to a compact size (22”; 55.88cm) for easy stowage
  • High-impact thermoplastic housing; weatherproof construction
  • IP67 rated; dust-tight and waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • Designed to resist 40mph wind continuous in all directions with head fully extended
  • Available in Safety Yellow with AC and DC charge cords and shoulder strap
  • Assembled in USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Lumens: 1300 - 5300
Candela: 11600 - 42000
Range of Light / Distance: 410 meters
Runtime: 4.00 - 18.00 hours
Battery Type: Lead Acid
Size for storage: 22"  (55.88 cm)
Weight: 25 lbs (11,3 kg)
Colors: Yellow
Battery Quantity: 1

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Streamlight ontwikkeld en produceert professionele zaklampen, oppervlakte -verlichters en handlampen. Streamlight ontwikkelt en innoveert samen met de gebruikers zoals politie, brandweer, defensie en industrie. Streamlight wordt wereldwijd erkend als de meest toonaangevende leverancier van premium draagbare verlichting wordt gedistribueerd in meer dan 60 landen.

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