Streamlight ProTac EMS Streamlight ProTac EMS Streamlight ProTac EMS Streamlight ProTac EMS
Streamlight ProTac EMS Streamlight ProTac EMS Streamlight ProTac EMS Streamlight ProTac EMS
Streamlight ProTac EMS
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The Streamlight ProTac EMS provides the optimal non-glare light for pupil and wound examination




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ProTac EMS

Compact and powerful, the ProTac EMS flashlight offers low, medium and high intensity modes and the latest in power LED technology. The combination of its small size and long run time make it the perfect light for Emergency Medical Services personnel to carry. Use the low setting to check pupil contraction and the medium setting is ideal for non-glare wound examination.

  • C4 LED technology offers 3 levels of increasing intensities: Low, medium and high
  • Powers on at low beam: 3.6 lumens/runs 36 hours; ideal for pupil exams. Faint peripheral illumination surrounding the focused beam slightly illuminates the opposite pupil without directly causing it to contract, facilitating observation of consensual contraction in dim light
  • Two taps of the tail switch accesses medium mode, which delivers 10 lumens/runs for 14 hours. Ideal for non-glare wound examination
  • Three taps of the tail switch accesses high mode, which delivers 50 lumens/runs 1.5 hours (1 AA alkaline); runs 3.4 hours using AA lithium battery
  • Features the "Star of Life" emergency medical care symbol
  • Includes 1 AA alkaline battery and nylon holster
  • Also accepts AA lithium battery (sold separately)
  • Solid State power regulation provides maximum light output throughout battery life
  • Rubber push button tail cap switch
  • IPX7 rated design; waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Impact-resistant tempered glass lens for maximum beam clarity
  • Unbreakable pocket clip
  • Anti-roll head
  • 3.97" (10.08 cm); 2.3 oz (65 grams)
  • RoHS compliant


4.00 - 50.00
120 - 1450
Range of Light / Distance
76 meters
1.50 - 36.00 hours
Battery Styles
Battery Types
AA Alkaline
3.970 inches (10.08 centimeters)
2.300 ounces (65.20 grams)
Battery Quantity

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christian p. - 16-12-2021 13:45

fine light for medical use


Streamlight ontwikkeld en produceert professionele zaklampen, oppervlakte -verlichters en handlampen. Streamlight ontwikkelt en innoveert samen met de gebruikers zoals politie, brandweer, defensie en industrie. Streamlight wordt wereldwijd erkend als de meest toonaangevende leverancier van premium draagbare verlichting wordt gedistribueerd in meer dan 60 landen.

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